Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two teeth forward, one tooth back

In the same week, Dallin cut his first two teeth (look closely) and Brendan lost his first tooth!

Kindergarten Graduation

Brendan graduated from Kindergarten with flying colors. In fact, he would have been the valadictorian of the class if they had one!

Softball Season

Shaelyn's season was a good one. They took second place in the league, but didn't fair so well in the post-season tournament. (Must have been the coach's fault!) She developed into quite a good second basemen.
This was Kailey's first season in softball. As you can see, she's got good form when it comes to catching. Wonder where she got that from?

Museum of the Rockies...

The family visited the Museum of the Rockies (minus Shaelyn). We got to see lots of dinosaurs!

Chillin' At The Hot Springs

A doctor in the making

Can I check your heart beat?

Summer Lovin' Havin' A Blast