Saturday, February 14, 2009

Moonlight Basin Ski Resort!!

Family Fun night! We made pizza, played games, and crafts inside the lodge.....then went sledding and made smores' by the camp fire outside with our friends......the Eckers!!

Yummy marshmallows! ..........and Face Painting!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can we say...Dennis The Menace!!!

This boy is into everything!
I think I am going to lose my
mind! He got a hold of a RED
marker and colored all over himself! Look closely. It doesn't end there! He likes to unload everything I put away! Yes.....Laundry, dishes, toys, you name it! My little innocent baby boy has turned into a 17 month old monster!.......but I LOVE HIM!

Family Night!

After family home evening, Shaelyn made us these easy-yummy treats! graham crackers, nutella chocolate spread, cool whip and white choc. chips. Thanks Shae! She is sooo creative!

SnOw MoBiLiNg In IdAhO!

Cody Lamb and Brendan
Austin Lamb and Shaelyn

Daddy and Kailey.........What a Blast!
Thanks Justin and Mandi! We had fun visiting you guys!