Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yes, it's a broken wrist!

You may have noticed from previous posts that Shaelyn's arm was in a sling. On Thanksgiving Day, she fell off a scooter at Aunt Terri's house and broke her wrist. Today we went for a follow-up visit, and the doctor gave her a new cast. Since it will be on over Christmas, Shae chose to have a red cast with green stripes to fit the holiday spirit. She obviously didn't know I was taking this picture!


Lewieville said...

Well at least Shae is being festive about it all. How long does she have to keep it on?

Crazy Teels said...

Poor baby!! Finally some new stuff to look at!!!!

Terri said...

Shaelyn I am soooooo sorry this happened to you!!!!!! But I love your new cast! Very Christmas! How long do you need to have it on? Well, Auntie is getting rid of those stupid scooters! Love you!

The Scharmann Family said...

She has to have it on for 4 weeks.

Terri said...

Well 4 weeks isn't too bad! It will be the perfect accessory for the Christmas Season! Shaelyn is setting a style trend. Next year at this time, all her friends will be sporting the "Christmas Cast"! That's my girl Shae!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

dear buttercup,
i am so sorry about your wrist. i wish i could heal it in 2 seconds. how is it feeling?
luv ya!
much love,
lindsay Yagi (bubbles)

bubbles (lindsay yagi) said...

dear shae shae,
i am so sorry about your wrist. luv ya always.
much love,